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Amazing Grace Favorites

Since the first issue in January 1963, many thousands around the world have appreciated the monthly Bible study devotional booklet "Amazing Grace."

Now in the format of a one-year book, it continues to edify, teach and bring encouragement and blessing.

Priced below cost, AGFavorites is made possible by gifts of those who love the Gospel of Grace and whose heart's desire is to help others become established in the Truth.

366 pages / $5.00

The Hope of Glory

This excellent book of poems written by Pastor Robert Hanna is available at Grace Gospel Publishers. All 176 pages of Christ honoring poems will be a spiritual blessing to each reader.


GGP publishers and distributes over 46 titles-- subjects include salvation, dispensational, and special occasion.

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Books and Booklets

"Panorama"- A trip through the world's best-seller in one evening--{59 pages}
"The Gospel of Grace in Romans Three" - Good news! {29 pages} -- W.R. Newell

"Gems of Grace Truth"
{32 pages}-- Joel Finck
"Standing and State"
{8 pages} -- GGP
"Truth About the Truth" {30 pages} -- Robert E. Hanna
"The Honor of His Name" {80 pages} -- Sir Robert Anderson
"Saved By Grace" - Salvation, Inspiration and Praise--{32 pages} -- John N. Baker
"Bible Distinctions" - Contrasting Truths {13 pages} -- Winfield D. Johnson

Special Items

Scripture Memorizing Packet #1
50 cards [reference on one side and verse on the other] with various subjects---in vinyl holder, business card size.

Scripture Memorizing Packet #2

40 cards [several locations of verses on same subject on one side] and comments on verses by Pastor Robert Hanna on reverse side. In vinyl holder, check-book size.

Trouble memorizing?

Take packet with you and read verse every chance you get--for some quick spiritual food! Overall subject is 'walking worthy'.

Miles Coverdale Statement
"It shall greatly help you understand Scripture...."
Packet of 100 measuring 4x6

Peaks and Valleys
100 inspiring reminders to keep our focus on the Lord Jesus Christ...that our lives might be to the praise of His glory. Approx. 4  1/2 x 5"---spiral bound---stand alone---with clear type that can be seen at a glance or across the room as one passes by.


"Our Gift" Christmas Tract --
50 in a box/50 blank note sheets/50 envelopes. Written by Judy Petras -- 12 illustrated pages on parchment paper.

Dispensational Chart  
Very simple dispensational chart showing events from Adam through 'eternity'-- and with the "Secret" inside a fold.


"First Things First"
Great Bible doctrines for young people. Contains lessons, stories, puzzles and things to do on many important subjects. After ten printings, the newest version has an expanded "We're Different" section with added emphasis on the distinctive Pauline revelation, rightly dividing, the Mystery, etc. Suitable for groups or individuals--kids for all ages!

230+ pages---wire bound


Story Booklet/Tracts illustrated

"The Pig"  - 3 1/2 x 5", 15 pages - Salvation
"The Tutts Ridiculous Trip" - 3 1/2 x 5" , 15 pages - Salvation
"The Embarrassing Ambassador" - 3 1/2 x 5" , 15 pages - Christian living
"Dick and Diane Escape"  - 3 1/4  x 2  1/2"  - 18 pages - Salvation
"Dick and Diane Kidnapped" - 3 1/2  x  2  1/2"  - 22 pages - Salvation
"Dick and Diane Helpless"  - 3 1/2  x  2 1/2"  - 14 pages - Salvation

 Bible Activity and Coloring Book {Formerly "Growing in Grace"}

  • From A to Z -- Emphasizing Salvation and Dispensational Truth
  • Over 110 pages/Spiral Bound
  • Expanded Teaching help
  • Added emphasis on Scripture Memorizing
  • Lessons, Connect-the-dots, Coloring, Puzzles
  • Activities all designed to accentuate the Truth

For older teens and adults

"The Amazing Puzzle"

Articles by some of your favorite writers and others new to GGP. We are excited to share with you wonderful Scriptural insights, answers to confusing questions, objections and contradictions. True accounts of what happened when people stood for the Truth, and much, much more!

With 22 'subject sections' and 370+ pages, "The Amazing Puzzle" is priced below cost and is made possible by the gifts of those who love the Gospel of Grace and desire to help others come to see the Truth and be established in it.